Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jackson Health Foundation?

Jackson Health Foundation, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, is the fundraising arm of Jackson Health System, the most comprehensive healthcare provider in South Florida. Established in 1991 as Jackson Memorial Foundation, the organization was renamed Jackson Health Foundation in 2014 to align with the Jackson Health System more closely. The Foundation plays a vital role in providing Jackson Health System with the support and the means to be a world-class academic medical system and the provider of choice for care in our community.

Who manages the Foundation?

The Foundation is governed by a volunteer member Board of Directors representing many segments of the community. Each member is committed to philanthropic activities that benefit Jackson Health System.

The Foundation’s co-presidents report to the Board and supervise a staff of development and administrative professionals who follow standards set by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

How does the Foundation pay for its expenses?

Operating and administrative expenses are approved each year during the budgeting process. The Foundation spends about 15% of its annual budget on expenses, far less than the standard 25% to 50% expended by nonprofits.

Why does Jackson Health System need philanthropic funds?

Although Jackson receives substantial tax funds, these dollars are not enough to address the rising cost of providing state-of-the-art facilities, innovative technology and equipment, and healthcare coverage for all residents.

The Foundation’s fundraising efforts allow Jackson Health System to provide lifesaving medical care to those in financial need, improve healthcare delivery, enhance the hospital experience for patients, and promote wellness and preventive medicine.

Is there a minimum amount for contributions?

No gift is too small. The Foundation’s work is made possible through our donors’ contributions to our Miracle Fund and through membership in our giving societies. Gifts of cash and pledges of up to five years are accepted. Stock, real estate, and other tangible assets and in-kind donations are also accepted and valued accordingly. Donors also give planned gifts, such as a simple bequest or charitable trust.

Can donors contribute to a specific cause?

Donors may support any project, physician, or program of their choice. The Foundation primarily supports causes and projects selected by Jackson Health System and approved by the Public Health Trust.

However, the Foundation also creates projects tailored to a donor’s specific needs. These projects will be approved only if they advance the mission, priorities, and needs of Jackson Health System.

What are the Foundation’s annual events and activities?

The Foundation hosts a variety of special events that raise money and recognize donors for their generous gifts. Our major events include:

  • Jackson Health Foundation Golden Angels Gala
  • Golden Angel Society Recognition Dinner
  • Guardians of the Children Luncheon and Fashion Show benefiting Holtz Children’s Hospital
  • Mind Your Health 5K Run, One-Mile Walk, and Outdoor Festival

What is the Jackson Health Foundation’s association with the University of Miami?

Since 1952, the Public Health Trust has had a basic affiliation agreement with the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. This relationship has enabled Jackson Memorial to develop as a major tertiary care center and academic medical institution, benefiting both the community and the region it serves. Although the two institutions are closely aligned, funds raised by Jackson Health Foundation are used to support a variety of needs throughout Jackson Health System, including pediatric services at Holtz Children’s Hospital, the Miami Transplant Institute, the Miami Burn Center, and capital needs to upgrade facilities and buy new equipment.

Who should I contact about making a donation?

To donate to Jackson Health Foundation, call 305-585-GIVE (4483), or email