Golden Angels 25th Birthday Bash Gifts

Miracles You Can Support

Welcome to the JHF 25th Birthday Bash gift page. There are many programs and initiatives that you can support to help JHF celebrate 25 years of giving in our community. For as little as $25, you can make a difference and help JHF bring these projects to life.

Contribute to one of the programs below and you’ll receive a free tote bag marking our 25th birthday.

Thank you for your support!

Miracle Facility Amount  
HALO SleepSack Swaddles
Provides support to help reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. One will be given to each baby born at Holtz Children’s Hospital
Holtz Children’s Hospital NICU $10,000 Make a Donation
Breast Center Blanket Warmers
Provide patients additional comfort while undergoing breast exams, surgery and other treatments
Jackson Memorial Hospital Breast Center $10,000 Make a Donation
Victim Assistance Project
To provide immediate assistance to victims in crisis
Jackson Memorial Hospital Rape Treatment Center $10,000 Make a Donation
Music Therapy Carts
Stores instruments and solves transportation and storage needs for therapists at Holtz
Holtz Children’s Hospital $20,000 Make a Donation
Interactive Pain and Anxiety Distraction Systems
Offers calming and relaxation during painful medical procedures for burn patients
Jackson Memorial Hospital Burn Center $20,000 Make a Donation
Transplant Education and Outreach Activities

Jackson Memorial Hospital $20,000 Make a Donation
NICU – Newborn Wireless Cameras
25 NICU Cameras for Jackson North Pediatrics
Jackson Memorial – North $25,000 Make a Donation
Activity Center Needs
To provide activities for patients who live in the facility
Jackson Memorial Hospital Long Term Care Facility $30,000 Make a Donation
Palliative Care PediPals Program
Provide support for Palliative Care Program. Children in Palliative Care reside in hospital for 4 months to one year
Holtz Children’s Hospital $50,000 Make a Donation
Rehab Patient Transition Unit

Jackson North $60,000 Make a Donation
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome/Safe Sleep & Cribs
Provide support to help reduce number of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Program provides education and cribs to the thousands of mothers who go home without cribs
Holtz Children’s Hospital NICU $75,000 Make a Donation